Once you are in it, give it your full shot!!
Give in your hundred percent. When I said 100% that did not mean only of love, yes apart from your heart you have been blessed with brain and body too.

There are two major situations:

First, when he is distracted:
Look, take marriage as a task, like any other thing we pick in life and we try our level best to make it a success. Men get distracted easily, money, male friends, work, other women,the list can go on any thing and everything can distract them from you. But the way out is only one, be most attractive thing in his life, be a source of happiness, pleasure and luxury in his life. Make sure when he comes to you he gets more than he can ever think. Smell good, look good, cook good, talk and behave elegant.Everything in life needs hard work, so do relationships!

Second, when you seem to loose interest in him:
Hard to except but most of the times when we complain about him we don’t consider our lack of interest in him. Like anything in life you have to shape your husband and customize him according to your likes. Help him look awesome to you! Tell him the perfume you like most. Make him do things that can make you happier.But understand his limitation too (like do not end up asking overly expensive stuff that he cannot afford). If you want him to be romantic and loving tell him the ways you like it, do not expect him to be a telepath!



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