Love is more or less, being happy when the person you love is happy and being sad when the person you love becomes sad. I bet, if someone is absolutely untouched, unaffected by your sadness, that person hardly loves you. Sometimes some people are too blank, you actually cant make out, if they are affected by your conditions or not. In such cases you should see how caring are they?

Well, loving is always good if its mutual. Love turns into ultimate bliss when two people are deeply and madly in love with each other. When they cannot think of staying away from each other, when they want to live every bit of their of lives with each other. To make it more mutual, we should always remember that, we humans, usually, love things and people we “LIKE” or “NEED” or both.Be Likeable, Be a Support, Be a source of Ease & Joy to become more and more lovable!!

Love is important to live a full life, at times you may find being in love too difficult, only because you are not using it. Yes, when you do not use your Ironing board for a long time you may feel like, why, in the first place, did I buy it? Keep your partner the center of your life. Help them being an amazing source of love, groom them, motivate and encourage them!! Remember the french proverb?
Love teaches even asses to dance.


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