Keep your real sweet self reserved for those who love you and value you for it. For rest of the wicked, shrewd and ever so clever, manipulative, dominating liars you can switch into mirror-mirror on the wall mode. No, no its not some very precise step by step crash course.

All you have to do is to reflect back what you observe. Like, if they are quite and staring you from head to toe, just mirror them give them, your cute scanning-glance. Stay quite, if they smile, smile back more lovingly.

For people who are very clever and funny, and are experts of repartee, be cleverly-funny,say, what ever you were longing to say, laughing more loudly and, seeming more sweet.

For manipulative people you must copy their tone and expression, to the extent that, when they ask questions, answers in questions. Like if someone asks you, “did you go there?” say, I was about to ask you the same question, did you go?

For dominating people you must copy their body language. Its very very important to crack them. Observe them like they do. Point out minutest odd things like they do. Be precise, keep noticing everything, like they do!!

Best of Luck!
Tame the world 😀


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