When I first saw you, I could see that you have a different soul, it was gleaming in your eyes. You looked absolutely different from other men who live in false ego. Your smile I still remember was so sweet yet very promising. You stayed quite but your little gestures told me that you are the one who can make a girl fly and, help her catch her dreams. Your eyes promised me a lot of things, they promise me everlasting love, they promise me freedom, they promise me that the magic will continue to scintillate my world.

Since august 2009, I have been basking in your amazing-ness! You have been making life easy for me everyday in all circumstances. But really I don’t know how much I am able to reciprocate to your love. I keep you the center of my life, I make sure that I keep you happy with all my love, and amused by my silly jokes. I just hope that we both continue to be in love with each other. May our love passes this test of infertility with strength and beauty.

I don’t know how bad it can be. But yes, at times I feel so empty and incomplete, I feel heavy from within. May God shower his mercy on us soon! Please stay by me, when I feel dark inside, please never let this thing affect our love. All I have is your love and trust me its more than enough for me.



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