I have been intensely concerned with what is going around us. What has happened to all of us. We are all just trying to create a similitude, a monotony!
Have you ever looked around and noticed the diversity?
The immense diversity with which God talks to us, tells us that, look this is my style. Look! this is how I like it. This is how I create!
So many types of flowers, So many types of plants. A million types of animals, multitudes of planets and galaxies.
This diversity in the creation of God or for the ease of my agnostic friends diversity in nature gives us a clear message:
 “This is how this system is planned to be, full of diversity and contrasting choices, the challenge is to accept things and surroundings as they are, and love them.”
you cannot hate a rabbit for its meekness nor should you kill a crocodile for its cruelty. If you love rose for its scent, you should appreciate a marigold for its color.
we are all different, different in skin colour, different in looks, different in gender, different in choices and opinion, but we must seek in others, what we may appreciate.
Nature’s style of creation is worthy of reverence. We should relish the bounty and diversity of nature with gratefulness and humility. Similarity and monotony will make this world a boring place to be!

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