The First thing which enslaves you is fear. Your fear of people,of  society, of loosing things and security of various types, burdens your soul the most. Obviously, you cannot leave everything – everyone and run into the jungle.If someone’s compliment can make your day then, remember, their sarcasm will hurt you. Stop judging yourself by what people will say about or are saying about you.Believe me, their opinion will change with their needs!

Be the master of your own feelings.Learn not to get affected by what others say or think about you, only then you are free. Be nice, be humble, have good morals, but keep strengthening you self inside-out, every single second. Accept things as they are, but stop fearing them. Stop letting anything or anybody violate your soul. Always take a stand for yourself be polite but never let anyone overstep you. There is a very thin line between being nice and being a people-pleaser.

Treat everyone nicely, but keep watching their response, very often nice people are taken as submissive, meek or stupid people. Value others better never loose your worth. Live for yourself, do not expect too much from yourself – ease out! Do not get Influenced with pretentious showy people, be real ,be strong headed. Most people live a fake, hollow life.

 The moment you will turn yourself inert to all negative things around you, positivity will surround you! Keep your self busy making yourself more and more independent, fearless and insusceptible. Unbosom your soul from the Herculean task of carrying the nee- based, fickle sentiments.




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