Your canvas!

Your canvas!

See this universe as your canvas, do not limit your self to corners and nooks. Your free soul, indomitable imagination owns this larger than life canvas. Encore enliven your might~ your might to dream, to feel, to relish. You are only enslaved by your own thoughts. Its all in your thinking. Your are blessed with a free soul, with a free imagination. Liberate your soul. See the immense bounty of nature.

No one can subdue you, no one can hurt you unless you choose to get affected. If you feel hurt, belittled or overpowered, it is only by your own choice.Empathize with the shrub that pricked you, as all it could offer were the thorns only. Great souls, mighty souls can empathize with all beings, as they always feel stronger than others. Strength comes from not seeing yourself as a subdued individual but recognizing yourself as a free soul.

Do as much good as you can do without depriving yourself. Never get choked with the awe of some else. Your are as unique as anyone else in the world. May be you have set wrong, vague concepts of a full life – every life is precious, every being is given a new chance with each sun rise to be happy, to be grateful!

Life unravels its beautiful secrets with each passing moment, slow down feel the beats of life. Have faith, be strong and never see yourself from the perspective of those who have never been your soul, your breath. Look at the stars, at the moon, they are all quite~ they say nothing yet they convey a lot!

Be your own master,be your own guide, be your own judge~ an honest one! Do not be unfair to your soul do not enslave it to others. Let your soul find its true Love – Its true Lover! Do not mislead your soul to be fooled by mortal, feeble, perishable love. Your soul has all the answers, it has come from somewhere, you know not of! Liberate it and follow it.


Contain yourself!

Contain yourself!

Too much of expression actually dissipates your energy. Learn to contain your self! Learn to treasure feelings and experiences. Let your feelings be your building blocks, build your success and your personality with them. Expressing your feelings away is like sharing your precious gems (gems of experiences) with everyone else.People who have not gone through the turmoil, will never respect your struggle!

Express your feelings, to people who need them, not to those who will just seek pleasure out of it. Most people do not care what you have been through, it doesn’t makes any difference to them unless they experience the same pain. Learn to live by yourself, everybody around you is not with you. 

Take the experiences of life like lessons. Be not like a dumb student who keeps repeating just to memorize but be like a student who learns, understands and improves day by day. Be discreet, do not over-express, always let the things get ground first. When you express too much your words loose value, make people long to listen to you. Express only what is needed and express only when it is needed.

You can always talk to people as much as you want- about weather, about things, about book, but let not your experiences slip off! Do not share your feelings,unless, and until, you are with someone who has proven themselves to be completely selfless. Share with someone, who you are sure, has no underlying greed. I wonder, if you can find one in a life time, until then “contain yourself”.


A grateful soul is a blessed soul!

A grateful soul is a blessed soul!

Being grateful not only makes you seem nice and kind but it also boosts your positive attitude towards life. By being grateful for things life is offering, you can always look forward for more. The more grateful you are, the more blessed you become! gratefulness empowers you, over feelings of, miserableness and helplessness. When you choose to be grateful, you become a fighter rather than a whiner.

Grateful people are happy and confident people. They pick whatever life throws at them and build their dreams out of it. They never whine about things they never got, or things with which others are blessed. They are happily busy like a bee doing their things, they appreciate and hence love what ever they have in life and keep on growing and enjoying life and its gifts.

It is more important to be happy than to be successful. Gratefulness may not make you successful but it will always make you feel blessed and happy. In life you can regain wealth, health and relationships but time lost can never be regained, thus be grateful to enjoy every moment of you life. Live life like a little resilient child, be happy with little things and never hold unto bad things.


Joie de vivre

Joie de vivre

This French saying should be labeled as the magic mantra or fairy dust, which changes life in a blink of an eye! No matter how long a list of expectations is handed to you by others, you should learn to hold on to life with enthusiasm and ebullience; you must have Joie de vivre to live every moment of your life as a millennium.There is joy in being alive, in being able to witness life. ‘Joie de vivre’- is a magical feeling of happiness or excitement about life!

Do not care about how you have been living, start cherishing life from now. Feel happy about being alive and conscious. Rejuvenate your senses, relish your ability see, hear, feel, speak, smell, touch and sense. Do not hurry your way to life, slow down, take time and seek pleasure in the tiniest things of life. Life is a miracle to those who understand.
Life is a chance, a chance to live breath and feel!

Instead of struggling to take hold of life, to fake a pointlessly super life, dream to live a simple, frugal and ecstatic life. Wasting too much time & energy to meet the virtual standards and to level up with others around you will only make your life burdensome. Dress-up if you feel like, if you love to. Travel if you feel like, if you love to. Socialize if you feel like, if you love to. Not because it will make your life seem super! Life should not seem super, it should feel super!

Be comfortable, be grateful and be real – experience “Joie de vivre”.



Whenever you hear this term “confession” you become eager to listen. This is an interesting and tempting term, where you sense an opportunity, to get to listen to someone’s inside story. Everybody around us have things to hide, to keep buried deep in their souls. There are many things which you never want others to know. This is why you are always so very interested to know what someone is hiding, what are people’s dark secrets. Yes, today I have something very hideous to tell you. Something you would regret knowing. This confession may change you for ever.

As a little girl, I could not see anybody crying. I would try my level best to make them happy. I was always concerned about who’s doing what and why? Many a times I got into trouble. Many a times I had to go beyond my limits to ease people out. Of course it was stressful, it was tiring, it was very very risky too, but, it had its own pleasure. I felt so good about my self every time I did something of this sort. Standing by truth sometimes was so so difficult, that I cannot tell you, big huge people, are filthy lairs, defying what they are saying is not easy, it takes lots of courage. I always stood by others. And, always! I was rebuked by my well-wishers that why did you interfere, keep your nose to yourself.

Thankfully that dint change me much. What changed me were, the moments of horror and sorrow, where no one stood by me, they kept there nose to themselves, they just stuck to the funda of – “that ain’t my concern”! Sometimes few of them console me in isolation. Thanks but no thanks, It wasn’t helpful. I know you value people and not the truth. I know it well! I know you want to be grounded, to be people’s people. But tell me whats the use of having a mute- meek crowd by your side, a crowd which will not utter a word to hush a crow from your shoulder.

I don’t know what you are going to choose, but I assure you, that if somehow you will gather the courage to be the one, who speaks truth, supports justice and helps weak, you will be scorned at, even people who you have helped, will always prefer to keep their pretty noses to themselves, at your times of need. People think that they can live a clean and pure life merely by not getting into the mess. I wish, they could understand that they cannot live a pure life unless they roll up their sleeve and clean the mess.

When you live a life which is dedicated to – being honest, you are always at people’s gun point. Everyone tries to over power weak people and use them as per need. Sometimes by manipulating them, sometimes by exploiting them and sometimes just for fun. Try stand by someone whose being bullied, try saying that truth which “big-fishes” are not ready to listen. Try to clean the mess. Trust me staying away wont help you too long!

Do you know, why this world has become so gruesome and inconsiderate. Why there’s blood shedding every where. Because you have learned to live by – “that ain’t my concern”. You have turned deaf ears to truth. You have learned to live in a bubble, created by your own imagination. One the it will be pricked by the thorns of reality, may then you’ll not be able to do anything about it. Seek truth, what ever is happening around you is your concern. Be a soldier of truth, savior of weak and supporter of justice before its too late.

Captivating beauty

Captivating beauty

Beauty is not something which catches the eye, its something which captivates the soul. Seek beauty in life, in nature and in your existence. Your life will become joyful. Feel the power of ‘healing and soothing’ spells of beauty. If you have not learned to love yourself, you have not started to live a life you deserve.

Beauty is not the embellishment of the universe, its essence of the universe. You cannot find what you do not seek! Every day you dream, aspire and wish for people and things, you assume to be beautiful and desirable. Take time, and understand you are one of the creations, like moon, lily, felines, Oak tree, mountain, Dolphin they are all so beautiful, yet so different.

Appreciate your existence, your physical self, your conscious being – celebrate life, celebrate your self. You are beautiful, because you are alive. Enjoy living, be happy, be grateful. Feel the sunshine on your face, let the moonlight illuminate your soul. Get intertwined with nature to feel your beauty. You and your beauty is unique, singular and one of its kind.

The moment you will understand yourself as a beautiful phenomenon of life, you will began to value and relish every breath your taking. You will never get tired of living life and trying to make most of it. Making most of it is – enjoying and feeling the beauty of being alive, of being a physical and conscious self!

Life is bliss for those who feel beautiful, for those who make others feel beautiful. A smile, a word of kindness, a help in time are all so beautiful. Let the world shine in your beauty, comfort other souls with your generous smile, with your kind gestures and help in time of need

Discover your beautiful self, peep into your soul, feel alive, live each day like an opportunity to win the world!

Overcome, Trounce, Master!

Overcome, Trounce, Master!

Overcome pain, distress and gloom! Life is not easy for anyone, you long for love, success and peace each day. Things do not turn out, the way you want them to, most of the times. Sometimes you fail to live up to your own expectations. Sometimes thing and circumstances betray you. Whatever the reasons are, you are left will with a shatter soul!

In order to live a full life you need to live it, day by day. Over come what happened the previous day by giving yourself a new “sizzling passionate goal” each day. Pick up something more interesting and joyful than yesterday. Trust me once you pick something more enjoyable than what you lost yesterday, you will be able to overcome the loss very easily.

It is always important that you do only, what you are most passionate about. Passion fuels your energy tank. And even if you do not succeed, you enjoy doing it. Everything once lost, in life, can be gained later, except time. The time lost on things, which neither gave success nor pleasure, is lost forever. All you can get from it is a lesson of pursuing things you enjoy.

Win over your hovering pain of past loss, by doing something more rewarding today. Overcome the gloom with the help of the excitement of a new venture. Life is your only chance of being your best version, never get depressed, never give up, each morning you wake up to, is a gift.

Trounce you pains forever, by learning the art of moving on! Once you train your soul to never care for things and feelings lost, you have made yourself ready to explore a life full of bliss and ecstasy. The strength of overcoming loss and pain, trounces your fears and weakness forever. Nothing can ever make you feel depressed and defeated any more!

When you realize that each day is a new beginning, and everything that didn’t turn out your way was supposed to be that way, you will never feel dissipated. You become passionate about life, each day of it, when you have learned to overcome and trounce- your loss and pain, the very moment they pounce on you.

Master the Art of living by learning to overcome and trounce your petty losses and pains. Life is Huge and Majestic. Life is a miracle, Live to live it, Live to witness it! Never get bored of it, never let it pass like that, snaffle it, take control of it! Nothing defines a perfect life. A soulful life lived with courage is a perfect life! Courage to overcome, Trounce and Master, all pains and losses that come your way!