Overcome pain, distress and gloom! Life is not easy for anyone, you long for love, success and peace each day. Things do not turn out, the way you want them to, most of the times. Sometimes you fail to live up to your own expectations. Sometimes thing and circumstances betray you. Whatever the reasons are, you are left will with a shatter soul!

In order to live a full life you need to live it, day by day. Over come what happened the previous day by giving yourself a new “sizzling passionate goal” each day. Pick up something more interesting and joyful than yesterday. Trust me once you pick something more enjoyable than what you lost yesterday, you will be able to overcome the loss very easily.

It is always important that you do only, what you are most passionate about. Passion fuels your energy tank. And even if you do not succeed, you enjoy doing it. Everything once lost, in life, can be gained later, except time. The time lost on things, which neither gave success nor pleasure, is lost forever. All you can get from it is a lesson of pursuing things you enjoy.

Win over your hovering pain of past loss, by doing something more rewarding today. Overcome the gloom with the help of the excitement of a new venture. Life is your only chance of being your best version, never get depressed, never give up, each morning you wake up to, is a gift.

Trounce you pains forever, by learning the art of moving on! Once you train your soul to never care for things and feelings lost, you have made yourself ready to explore a life full of bliss and ecstasy. The strength of overcoming loss and pain, trounces your fears and weakness forever. Nothing can ever make you feel depressed and defeated any more!

When you realize that each day is a new beginning, and everything that didn’t turn out your way was supposed to be that way, you will never feel dissipated. You become passionate about life, each day of it, when you have learned to overcome and trounce- your loss and pain, the very moment they pounce on you.

Master the Art of living by learning to overcome and trounce your petty losses and pains. Life is Huge and Majestic. Life is a miracle, Live to live it, Live to witness it! Never get bored of it, never let it pass like that, snaffle it, take control of it! Nothing defines a perfect life. A soulful life lived with courage is a perfect life! Courage to overcome, Trounce and Master, all pains and losses that come your way!




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