Beauty is not something which catches the eye, its something which captivates the soul. Seek beauty in life, in nature and in your existence. Your life will become joyful. Feel the power of ‘healing and soothing’ spells of beauty. If you have not learned to love yourself, you have not started to live a life you deserve.

Beauty is not the embellishment of the universe, its essence of the universe. You cannot find what you do not seek! Every day you dream, aspire and wish for people and things, you assume to be beautiful and desirable. Take time, and understand you are one of the creations, like moon, lily, felines, Oak tree, mountain, Dolphin they are all so beautiful, yet so different.

Appreciate your existence, your physical self, your conscious being – celebrate life, celebrate your self. You are beautiful, because you are alive. Enjoy living, be happy, be grateful. Feel the sunshine on your face, let the moonlight illuminate your soul. Get intertwined with nature to feel your beauty. You and your beauty is unique, singular and one of its kind.

The moment you will understand yourself as a beautiful phenomenon of life, you will began to value and relish every breath your taking. You will never get tired of living life and trying to make most of it. Making most of it is – enjoying and feeling the beauty of being alive, of being a physical and conscious self!

Life is bliss for those who feel beautiful, for those who make others feel beautiful. A smile, a word of kindness, a help in time are all so beautiful. Let the world shine in your beauty, comfort other souls with your generous smile, with your kind gestures and help in time of need

Discover your beautiful self, peep into your soul, feel alive, live each day like an opportunity to win the world!


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