Whenever you hear this term “confession” you become eager to listen. This is an interesting and tempting term, where you sense an opportunity, to get to listen to someone’s inside story. Everybody around us have things to hide, to keep buried deep in their souls. There are many things which you never want others to know. This is why you are always so very interested to know what someone is hiding, what are people’s dark secrets. Yes, today I have something very hideous to tell you. Something you would regret knowing. This confession may change you for ever.

As a little girl, I could not see anybody crying. I would try my level best to make them happy. I was always concerned about who’s doing what and why? Many a times I got into trouble. Many a times I had to go beyond my limits to ease people out. Of course it was stressful, it was tiring, it was very very risky too, but, it had its own pleasure. I felt so good about my self every time I did something of this sort. Standing by truth sometimes was so so difficult, that I cannot tell you, big huge people, are filthy lairs, defying what they are saying is not easy, it takes lots of courage. I always stood by others. And, always! I was rebuked by my well-wishers that why did you interfere, keep your nose to yourself.

Thankfully that dint change me much. What changed me were, the moments of horror and sorrow, where no one stood by me, they kept there nose to themselves, they just stuck to the funda of – “that ain’t my concern”! Sometimes few of them console me in isolation. Thanks but no thanks, It wasn’t helpful. I know you value people and not the truth. I know it well! I know you want to be grounded, to be people’s people. But tell me whats the use of having a mute- meek crowd by your side, a crowd which will not utter a word to hush a crow from your shoulder.

I don’t know what you are going to choose, but I assure you, that if somehow you will gather the courage to be the one, who speaks truth, supports justice and helps weak, you will be scorned at, even people who you have helped, will always prefer to keep their pretty noses to themselves, at your times of need. People think that they can live a clean and pure life merely by not getting into the mess. I wish, they could understand that they cannot live a pure life unless they roll up their sleeve and clean the mess.

When you live a life which is dedicated to – being honest, you are always at people’s gun point. Everyone tries to over power weak people and use them as per need. Sometimes by manipulating them, sometimes by exploiting them and sometimes just for fun. Try stand by someone whose being bullied, try saying that truth which “big-fishes” are not ready to listen. Try to clean the mess. Trust me staying away wont help you too long!

Do you know, why this world has become so gruesome and inconsiderate. Why there’s blood shedding every where. Because you have learned to live by – “that ain’t my concern”. You have turned deaf ears to truth. You have learned to live in a bubble, created by your own imagination. One the it will be pricked by the thorns of reality, may then you’ll not be able to do anything about it. Seek truth, what ever is happening around you is your concern. Be a soldier of truth, savior of weak and supporter of justice before its too late.


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