This French saying should be labeled as the magic mantra or fairy dust, which changes life in a blink of an eye! No matter how long a list of expectations is handed to you by others, you should learn to hold on to life with enthusiasm and ebullience; you must have Joie de vivre to live every moment of your life as a millennium.There is joy in being alive, in being able to witness life. ‘Joie de vivre’- is a magical feeling of happiness or excitement about life!

Do not care about how you have been living, start cherishing life from now. Feel happy about being alive and conscious. Rejuvenate your senses, relish your ability see, hear, feel, speak, smell, touch and sense. Do not hurry your way to life, slow down, take time and seek pleasure in the tiniest things of life. Life is a miracle to those who understand.
Life is a chance, a chance to live breath and feel!

Instead of struggling to take hold of life, to fake a pointlessly super life, dream to live a simple, frugal and ecstatic life. Wasting too much time & energy to meet the virtual standards and to level up with others around you will only make your life burdensome. Dress-up if you feel like, if you love to. Travel if you feel like, if you love to. Socialize if you feel like, if you love to. Not because it will make your life seem super! Life should not seem super, it should feel super!

Be comfortable, be grateful and be real – experience “Joie de vivre”.


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