Being grateful not only makes you seem nice and kind but it also boosts your positive attitude towards life. By being grateful for things life is offering, you can always look forward for more. The more grateful you are, the more blessed you become! gratefulness empowers you, over feelings of, miserableness and helplessness. When you choose to be grateful, you become a fighter rather than a whiner.

Grateful people are happy and confident people. They pick whatever life throws at them and build their dreams out of it. They never whine about things they never got, or things with which others are blessed. They are happily busy like a bee doing their things, they appreciate and hence love what ever they have in life and keep on growing and enjoying life and its gifts.

It is more important to be happy than to be successful. Gratefulness may not make you successful but it will always make you feel blessed and happy. In life you can regain wealth, health and relationships but time lost can never be regained, thus be grateful to enjoy every moment of you life. Live life like a little resilient child, be happy with little things and never hold unto bad things.