Too much of expression actually dissipates your energy. Learn to contain your self! Learn to treasure feelings and experiences. Let your feelings be your building blocks, build your success and your personality with them. Expressing your feelings away is like sharing your precious gems (gems of experiences) with everyone else.People who have not gone through the turmoil, will never respect your struggle!

Express your feelings, to people who need them, not to those who will just seek pleasure out of it. Most people do not care what you have been through, it doesn’t makes any difference to them unless they experience the same pain. Learn to live by yourself, everybody around you is not with you. 

Take the experiences of life like lessons. Be not like a dumb student who keeps repeating just to memorize but be like a student who learns, understands and improves day by day. Be discreet, do not over-express, always let the things get ground first. When you express too much your words loose value, make people long to listen to you. Express only what is needed and express only when it is needed.

You can always talk to people as much as you want- about weather, about things, about book, but let not your experiences slip off! Do not share your feelings,unless, and until, you are with someone who has proven themselves to be completely selfless. Share with someone, who you are sure, has no underlying greed. I wonder, if you can find one in a life time, until then “contain yourself”.



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