See this universe as your canvas, do not limit your self to corners and nooks. Your free soul, indomitable imagination owns this larger than life canvas. Encore enliven your might~ your might to dream, to feel, to relish. You are only enslaved by your own thoughts. Its all in your thinking. Your are blessed with a free soul, with a free imagination. Liberate your soul. See the immense bounty of nature.

No one can subdue you, no one can hurt you unless you choose to get affected. If you feel hurt, belittled or overpowered, it is only by your own choice.Empathize with the shrub that pricked you, as all it could offer were the thorns only. Great souls, mighty souls can empathize with all beings, as they always feel stronger than others. Strength comes from not seeing yourself as a subdued individual but recognizing yourself as a free soul.

Do as much good as you can do without depriving yourself. Never get choked with the awe of some else. Your are as unique as anyone else in the world. May be you have set wrong, vague concepts of a full life – every life is precious, every being is given a new chance with each sun rise to be happy, to be grateful!

Life unravels its beautiful secrets with each passing moment, slow down feel the beats of life. Have faith, be strong and never see yourself from the perspective of those who have never been your soul, your breath. Look at the stars, at the moon, they are all quite~ they say nothing yet they convey a lot!

Be your own master,be your own guide, be your own judge~ an honest one! Do not be unfair to your soul do not enslave it to others. Let your soul find its true Love – Its true Lover! Do not mislead your soul to be fooled by mortal, feeble, perishable love. Your soul has all the answers, it has come from somewhere, you know not of! Liberate it and follow it.


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