Often people and things slip off from our hands, and we are not left with any other option but to get over it. Getting over is not easy. It can never be! But depending upon the significance, you can choose either of the two ways to overcome the loss and pain ~ ‘Delete or replace’. Insignificant people get deleted as soon as they get out of sight. And those which you cannot delete are the ones who have captured a place in your heart. No delete button can delete them. All you can do is to replace them with a better person, with someone who can make you forget them. This world is full of options. Trust me mourning the loss won’t get you anything, but your courage to take another chance may get you something even better. If you do not find an option create one. But never stop living your life. Help someone/something become what you lost.

Be Pygmalion, create and fall in love! Loving someone/something while creating and moulding it and seeing it become what you dream of, is a love which has the vigour of an artist, joy of a winner!!

Create like an artist, with all your heart, with all your talent, with passion, with desire and LOVE. The masterpiece you’ll create will be your own customized and tailored love. Your dream carved out by your own hands. Those who are masters of their own destiny depend on their soul’s divine flame of faith and strength. Those who are guided by belief never give up, they never fail!



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