Physical pains are the alarm from the body, for external help and more care. But the pains ~ the piercing ones~ of a hurt soul, are yearnings of your heart to keep it more prepared and armoured for the negativity.

If you cannot kill the serpent, you can always cut the branch, from which it climbs into, the house!

You were born with a vulnerable, soft, loving, unarmoured heart. It was pain which made it strong, competent and armoured. Cherish your pains, preserve them. Pains are the loot-cart of the battles you have survived. This booty motivates you to conquest for more treasures of life. With every pain, you become more prepared for and more aware of, the everlasting series of battles called ~ LIFE.

Every encounter with pain takes you to a new level of strength and resilience.
The memory of pain related to things, people and decisions you have lived so far, keeps you aware of the consequences of choosing the same path again. Even if you have to take the similar path, the reminiscences of pain will guide you to prepare better.

Pain is the ‘Physical Trainer’ of your soul. Pain cannot keep it easy. Pain teaches by practice not by cramming. Lessons taught by pain can be seen in the eyes, the windows of the soul. If you have been trained enough your eyes will gleam with confidence and they will look constant like the pole star. You will have a stronger, more confident and deeper gaze.

Pain is beautiful, it is majestic, it is empowering. All you have to do is to embrace your pains. Keep them close to your heart. Let your pain guide you, protect you. Let your pain be your armour!



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