To get ahead in life, you must have the desire to win. Whatever you do in life give it your best shot. Nothing in life is petty or great, give your best even in the smallest thing. Your Urge to win is what makes you successful.

A strong desire to win always dominates your inner fears and fuels your preparation. Fuel your desire to win and make it unrestrainable.Your  desire to win is the starting point of your achievements. Your strong desire to win will set you free from mediocre intrusions. Winning is not everything , desire to win is! It keeps you on your toes, exuberant and alive!

Keep moving from goal to goal, never stop, get addicted to the feeling of being alive. Work hard, be energetic, be passionate and always remember “Too much rest is rust”.
If you have achieved all you wanted to, help others to fulfill their dreams. Haven’t you seen the retired players coaching the new ones, and celebrating their success as their own.

Beauty of desire to win, lies in feeling alive~ in a positive and progressive way. Foster the desire to win, to inspire others. Keep wining from small things to big things (hearts of the people) in life. Spread happiness, be a supporter, be an encourager. This Goal is so big that you will achieve everything else on the way to it.





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