Faith is the strong belief in purpose of life, anything you accomplish or complete before your life ends is not  what you were created for. Faith is knowing that living itself is a purpose of life. You cannot tie your life to a faith that is not beyond this life.
Faith is what makes you aim beyond that which you cannot control,it is to control your voluntary actions.

Faith leads you to understand that you have to focus on what you can do. Your body has both types of function: voluntary and involuntary. You are given certain controls and that clearly indicates that those are the channels to achieve your purpose. Have control of your voluntary activities, they are what you will be answerable for. They are what makes you who you are!

Faith distinguishes susceptibility from fear, it distinguishes submission from  intimidation. Faith beautifies what you find fearful, faith eases what you feel difficult faith makes life a purpose rather than a means. Faith should be freeing and not limiting. Faith should not work on cage i.e (physical, bodily needs) only  it should enrich the flame, the existence within, too!

Your free will, your speech, your emotions and decision etc are all your switches to life. Operate your switches well. Have Faith that life has a purpose you just be careful of the controls your are handed.


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