Its about your people, whom you value, and at times value more than they value you. You see everything as a threat for them. You try to keep them under your wing to ensure their safety and well-being. These little people grow completely unaware of the battles and heat you dealt with.

The people who wanted to harm them and disliked them, dislike you more, for always standing against them and keeping them at bay. Your people only get see what you have changed and what you have already over powered for them. They always tend to think that its nothing like what you have been warning them of.

Never protect people, let them face it all, or else they will always be ungrateful for what you did, rather they will take you as a jealous person. By the time you have had diverted all the animosity towards yourself for standing strong and tall for your people, they too will dislike you!

When people get out of walls they feel fresh and bright. No body ever appreciates a wall! No body ever thanks a wall!

Don’t be a wall! As people say “walls divide”, and they forget that it has been protecting them too!!


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