How To Stay Strong When Your World Is Falling Apart

“Those who complain …………… and never look back.”
Gr8 thoughts!

Mirrors of my life.

Some of the difficult moments in life is giving someone a hug when you need it the most. Fighting back the tears in your eyes to wipe off someone else’s tears. Listening to somebody’s grief when you want your pain to be heard. Being the reason for someone’s smile when your own smile is lost. To bless someone else while you are going through your own storm. To be the strong one, you know?

In our life we find ourselves in the middle of raging storm, tearing apart all that we hold dear and believe in. here are few things to help you find your way.

Accept the reality.

You cannot find peace by avoiding life, take every change and experience that life spins your way as a challenge for growth. Finding peace and happiness in life means to be in the midst of chaos while remaining calm in your heart. …

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