With 31 years and 10 months of experience in living life, I have learnt that, nothing but staying calm and being balanced in life makes you happy about being alive. Never loose yourself at the hands of negativity, gloom, and procrastination. Be healthy, be active and have control. Health is very important to enjoy life, to live a full and active life.

Do not get into the trap of expectations and desires. Keep counting and celebrating every moment you are alive. There are always reasons to be happy, look for them. If you can see, go see a sunset or a rose in bloom or twinkling stars above. If you can listen, go listen to a child, listen to the whispers of nature. Be happy, be calm and be kind. Reconsider people around you, not with the eyes of expectations but with the vision of compassion and empathy.

Make your day meaningful with whatever positive thing you can do. Keep smiling, look sweet, appreciate and help others selflessly. Be beyond success and failure, live to feel alive and relish every breath you are taking. See this world with eyes of compassion and forgiveness, never expect anything from others. Never expect others to love you, rather grab the opportunity, and love yourself incredibly, always take care of yourself, make sure you are happy each day of your life.

Life ends, issues remain! So many people have left us, forever; they too had problems and issues. So, remember to be happy. Remember to be grateful. Remember to be Kind and strong!


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