There are times when you feel pointless doing things you are doing. You feel that your efforts are not going to take you any where. You seem to be doing things which are showing no benefits. You feel wearied and bored. Everything looks useless and you feel boxed.

You should take a break, have a zoomed out vision of what you are in. Think of everything that made you do things you have been doing. Consider all the associated benefits you have got so far. Ponder upon the other possibilities and there long term effects in your life.

Either you will realize that you have been heading towards a better future or you will find a new turn to success. In both the cases, you will end up doing things you consider valuable and rewarding.

If you can live a happy life without causing sadness or pain to others, you are living a successful life. Do not live a robotic life strictly tied to tasks and missions, live a free and spirited life. Enjoy the cool breeze, smell the sweet flowers, relish your favorite tea and listen to silence or tick-tock of the wall clock, see and capture that special smile on their face!

Sometimes we tend to feel bored with life which we have been living. If it’s rewarding and going in right direction keep moving on, just break the monotony! Treat yourself. Counsel yourself. Motivate yourself. And you will have a new energy and love for your routine work.

Happy life to you!


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