A little hope is enough to cover a long distance. Never loose hope. Always hope for the best. Hope is your walking stalk to your destination. Every morning, gift your soul, a little hope, to battle through all odds and to keep moving towards goodness. Life is giving you chance after chance in the form of each sweet breath you are taking.

A hopeful life is a life full of happiness and positiveness. With hope we can see rays of light even in the darkest night. Hope lets us feel the blissfulness of life even in the perils of challenges. Be hopeful, be strong. Every breath you take is a reason to hold onto the hope. Hope of being happy, hope of living a better life, and hope of making this world a better place.

Hope is the fruit of the tree of self consciousness, Self assessment, Self realization and self actualization. If you are not hopeful, you need to asses yourself, understand yourself and your purpose of life. Be true and honest to yourself. Reaffirm that you really aim to live a life with a sound purpose and to enjoy every breath you are taking.

Keep your eyes bright with HOPE. Keep your smile sweet with GRATITUDE. Keep your soul compassionate with KINDNESS. Keep your mind strong by betting LOVE for yourself!

Live to HOPE. Live to be GRATEFUL. Live to be KIND. Live to be LOVED!


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