Whenever you stumble over a mistake make sure you ponder over it. Find the causes of the mistake, the reason you made it and the consequences. Think and reflect. Give some time to your unwanted & undesirable productions. Analyze your decisions and behavior on regular basis. More than regretting your mistakes you should learn from them. It is normal to make mistakes but demonic to not learn from them.

Never fail to accept your mistake. Do not wait for others to point out your mistakes. Never overlook your mistake. No matter how embarrassing it is to realize your mistake you must do it. It will always make you stronger and better. If mistakes are taken as teachers they can be a huge help. People who befriend their mistakes and try to defend it and prove it right are actually betraying their self esteem in the long term.

Making mistakes and trying to put-up with them is like defending a fake identity. Every time you try to cover-up your mistake with lies you make your personality weaker. If you make a lot of mistakes try to mend them instead of covering and overlooking them. People will know that you make mistakes but realize then, mend them. But if you will defend your mistakes, you will be known not only for doing wrong things but for also being a wrong person.

Never think it’s silly to repent and regret your follies, just because others do not. Remember you can lie to the world but not yourself, that’s how strong and honest people are from within ~ Dauntless and Truthful!


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