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Hola! my charming readers.So is it only me,or even somebody else is way too emotional and sensitive over here,I mean waaaayyy too sensitive??Because this post is only for people who FEEL like for most of the delicate stuff they simply come across.Let me tell you something,as a child whenever the electricity went off in the […]

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How To Stay Strong When Your World Is Falling Apart

“Those who complain …………… and never look back.”
Gr8 thoughts!

Mirrors of my life.

Some of the difficult moments in life is giving someone a hug when you need it the most. Fighting back the tears in your eyes to wipe off someone else’s tears. Listening to somebody’s grief when you want your pain to be heard. Being the reason for someone’s smile when your own smile is lost. To bless someone else while you are going through your own storm. To be the strong one, you know?

In our life we find ourselves in the middle of raging storm, tearing apart all that we hold dear and believe in. here are few things to help you find your way.

Accept the reality.

You cannot find peace by avoiding life, take every change and experience that life spins your way as a challenge for growth. Finding peace and happiness in life means to be in the midst of chaos while remaining calm in your heart. …

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Faith is the strong belief in purpose of life, anything you accomplish or complete before your life ends is not  what you were created for. Faith is knowing that living itself is a purpose of life. You cannot tie your life to a faith that is not beyond this life.
Faith is what makes you aim beyond that which you cannot control,it is to control your voluntary actions.

Faith leads you to understand that you have to focus on what you can do. Your body has both types of function: voluntary and involuntary. You are given certain controls and that clearly indicates that those are the channels to achieve your purpose. Have control of your voluntary activities, they are what you will be answerable for. They are what makes you who you are!

Faith distinguishes susceptibility from fear, it distinguishes submission from  intimidation. Faith beautifies what you find fearful, faith eases what you feel difficult faith makes life a purpose rather than a means. Faith should be freeing and not limiting. Faith should not work on cage i.e (physical, bodily needs) only  it should enrich the flame, the existence within, too!

Your free will, your speech, your emotions and decision etc are all your switches to life. Operate your switches well. Have Faith that life has a purpose you just be careful of the controls your are handed.

Peaceful contentment

Peaceful contentment

When you have truly forgiven yourself for the past mistakes and have learnt necessary lessons from them, you feel content. When you accept your weakness and began to overcome them you feel content. When you have learnt that this life is a path full of ups and downs then you feel content in keeping going ahead.

Contentment never comes from success, it comes from the realization that this life is a test and every test will make you better than before. Contentment comes, when you learn that the tests of life make you shinier and brighter and stronger by pruning and trimming you.

When you learn that your true success is staying strong in times of distress and failure, you feel content. When you can contain your sorrow and joy with same grace, you become content. You become content when you become strong. You become content when you win over your fears.

Contentment lies in following the divine structure of this universe ~ a perfect blend of sparkling colours and darkness one being the canvas for the other. Being content is being wise and ready to deal with whatever life throws at you. Being content is understanding your test and not comparing your life with others.

A monkey climbs tree everyday very effortlessly but for a rabbit it would be a huge success. When you see and live your life as a unique merger of circumstances and experiences you become – Content!

Content life is a blissful life. Content life is a free life.


Your canvas!

Your canvas!

See this universe as your canvas, do not limit your self to corners and nooks. Your free soul, indomitable imagination owns this larger than life canvas. Encore enliven your might~ your might to dream, to feel, to relish. You are only enslaved by your own thoughts. Its all in your thinking. Your are blessed with a free soul, with a free imagination. Liberate your soul. See the immense bounty of nature.

No one can subdue you, no one can hurt you unless you choose to get affected. If you feel hurt, belittled or overpowered, it is only by your own choice.Empathize with the shrub that pricked you, as all it could offer were the thorns only. Great souls, mighty souls can empathize with all beings, as they always feel stronger than others. Strength comes from not seeing yourself as a subdued individual but recognizing yourself as a free soul.

Do as much good as you can do without depriving yourself. Never get choked with the awe of some else. Your are as unique as anyone else in the world. May be you have set wrong, vague concepts of a full life – every life is precious, every being is given a new chance with each sun rise to be happy, to be grateful!

Life unravels its beautiful secrets with each passing moment, slow down feel the beats of life. Have faith, be strong and never see yourself from the perspective of those who have never been your soul, your breath. Look at the stars, at the moon, they are all quite~ they say nothing yet they convey a lot!

Be your own master,be your own guide, be your own judge~ an honest one! Do not be unfair to your soul do not enslave it to others. Let your soul find its true Love – Its true Lover! Do not mislead your soul to be fooled by mortal, feeble, perishable love. Your soul has all the answers, it has come from somewhere, you know not of! Liberate it and follow it.

Contain yourself!

Contain yourself!

Too much of expression actually dissipates your energy. Learn to contain your self! Learn to treasure feelings and experiences. Let your feelings be your building blocks, build your success and your personality with them. Expressing your feelings away is like sharing your precious gems (gems of experiences) with everyone else.People who have not gone through the turmoil, will never respect your struggle!

Express your feelings, to people who need them, not to those who will just seek pleasure out of it. Most people do not care what you have been through, it doesn’t makes any difference to them unless they experience the same pain. Learn to live by yourself, everybody around you is not with you. 

Take the experiences of life like lessons. Be not like a dumb student who keeps repeating just to memorize but be like a student who learns, understands and improves day by day. Be discreet, do not over-express, always let the things get ground first. When you express too much your words loose value, make people long to listen to you. Express only what is needed and express only when it is needed.

You can always talk to people as much as you want- about weather, about things, about book, but let not your experiences slip off! Do not share your feelings,unless, and until, you are with someone who has proven themselves to be completely selfless. Share with someone, who you are sure, has no underlying greed. I wonder, if you can find one in a life time, until then “contain yourself”.


A grateful soul is a blessed soul!

A grateful soul is a blessed soul!

Being grateful not only makes you seem nice and kind but it also boosts your positive attitude towards life. By being grateful for things life is offering, you can always look forward for more. The more grateful you are, the more blessed you become! gratefulness empowers you, over feelings of, miserableness and helplessness. When you choose to be grateful, you become a fighter rather than a whiner.

Grateful people are happy and confident people. They pick whatever life throws at them and build their dreams out of it. They never whine about things they never got, or things with which others are blessed. They are happily busy like a bee doing their things, they appreciate and hence love what ever they have in life and keep on growing and enjoying life and its gifts.

It is more important to be happy than to be successful. Gratefulness may not make you successful but it will always make you feel blessed and happy. In life you can regain wealth, health and relationships but time lost can never be regained, thus be grateful to enjoy every moment of you life. Live life like a little resilient child, be happy with little things and never hold unto bad things.