Don’t be a wall!

Don’t be a wall!

Its about your people, whom you value, and at times value more than they value you. You see everything as a threat for them. You try to keep them under your wing to ensure their safety and well-being. These little people grow completely unaware of the battles and heat you dealt with.

The people who wanted to harm them and disliked them, dislike you more, for always standing against them and keeping them at bay. Your people only get see what you have changed and what you have already over powered for them. They always tend to think that its nothing like what you have been warning them of.

Never protect people, let them face it all, or else they will always be ungrateful for what you did, rather they will take you as a jealous person. By the time you have had diverted all the animosity towards yourself for standing strong and tall for your people, they too will dislike you!

When people get out of walls they feel fresh and bright. No body ever appreciates a wall! No body ever thanks a wall!

Don’t be a wall! As people say “walls divide”, and they forget that it has been protecting them too!!


Heal up!

Heal up!

Heal up and become healthy! You must not be bed ridden to actually think of getting healed up. Just sit, close your eyes, relax and think that what your purpose of living is. Question yourself that, are you actually working on it, for it. You will definitely find that you are dissipating a lot of your potential to insignificant things.

Healing up is both physical and internal process it involves both an external improvement and an internal betterment. The process of getting heal up would thus, need both types of changes i.e., outward and inwards. Improve your way of living and behaving, practice integrity and empathy! Empathy makes you valuable and integrity makes you wanted. For internal betterment focus on your way of feeling and thinking. Feel good and think good about yourself and others. Good thinking saves you from the energy dissipation in the form of being jealous, insecure, frustrated and what not!

Heal up your mindset to be more goals oriented. Heal up your physical actions to maximize your potential. Heal up so that you may become healthy enough to reach your purpose of life. Live each as day as step towards a more fulfilling life, a more healed up and healthier life!

Life is beautiful when you completely heal yourself of negativity and friction. Wellness begins when you heal up internally from all negativity. Heal your outlook, so that you may never respond to things which create friction. When you will be completely healed up you will float and bask in the amazing and ever changing flow of life.



Faith is the strong belief in purpose of life, anything you accomplish or complete before your life ends is not  what you were created for. Faith is knowing that living itself is a purpose of life. You cannot tie your life to a faith that is not beyond this life.
Faith is what makes you aim beyond that which you cannot control,it is to control your voluntary actions.

Faith leads you to understand that you have to focus on what you can do. Your body has both types of function: voluntary and involuntary. You are given certain controls and that clearly indicates that those are the channels to achieve your purpose. Have control of your voluntary activities, they are what you will be answerable for. They are what makes you who you are!

Faith distinguishes susceptibility from fear, it distinguishes submission from  intimidation. Faith beautifies what you find fearful, faith eases what you feel difficult faith makes life a purpose rather than a means. Faith should be freeing and not limiting. Faith should not work on cage i.e (physical, bodily needs) only  it should enrich the flame, the existence within, too!

Your free will, your speech, your emotions and decision etc are all your switches to life. Operate your switches well. Have Faith that life has a purpose you just be careful of the controls your are handed.

Peaceful contentment

Peaceful contentment

When you have truly forgiven yourself for the past mistakes and have learnt necessary lessons from them, you feel content. When you accept your weakness and began to overcome them you feel content. When you have learnt that this life is a path full of ups and downs then you feel content in keeping going ahead.

Contentment never comes from success, it comes from the realization that this life is a test and every test will make you better than before. Contentment comes, when you learn that the tests of life make you shinier and brighter and stronger by pruning and trimming you.

When you learn that your true success is staying strong in times of distress and failure, you feel content. When you can contain your sorrow and joy with same grace, you become content. You become content when you become strong. You become content when you win over your fears.

Contentment lies in following the divine structure of this universe ~ a perfect blend of sparkling colours and darkness one being the canvas for the other. Being content is being wise and ready to deal with whatever life throws at you. Being content is understanding your test and not comparing your life with others.

A monkey climbs tree everyday very effortlessly but for a rabbit it would be a huge success. When you see and live your life as a unique merger of circumstances and experiences you become – Content!

Content life is a blissful life. Content life is a free life.


The desire​ to win!

The desire​ to win!

To get ahead in life, you must have the desire to win. Whatever you do in life give it your best shot. Nothing in life is petty or great, give your best even in the smallest thing. Your Urge to win is what makes you successful.

A strong desire to win always dominates your inner fears and fuels your preparation. Fuel your desire to win and make it unrestrainable.Your  desire to win is the starting point of your achievements. Your strong desire to win will set you free from mediocre intrusions. Winning is not everything , desire to win is! It keeps you on your toes, exuberant and alive!

Keep moving from goal to goal, never stop, get addicted to the feeling of being alive. Work hard, be energetic, be passionate and always remember “Too much rest is rust”.
If you have achieved all you wanted to, help others to fulfill their dreams. Haven’t you seen the retired players coaching the new ones, and celebrating their success as their own.

Beauty of desire to win, lies in feeling alive~ in a positive and progressive way. Foster the desire to win, to inspire others. Keep wining from small things to big things (hearts of the people) in life. Spread happiness, be a supporter, be an encourager. This Goal is so big that you will achieve everything else on the way to it.




Cherishable pain!

Cherishable pain!

Physical pains are the alarm from the body, for external help and more care. But the pains ~ the piercing ones~ of a hurt soul, are yearnings of your heart to keep it more prepared and armoured for the negativity.

If you cannot kill the serpent, you can always cut the branch, from which it climbs into, the house!

You were born with a vulnerable, soft, loving, unarmoured heart. It was pain which made it strong, competent and armoured. Cherish your pains, preserve them. Pains are the loot-cart of the battles you have survived. This booty motivates you to conquest for more treasures of life. With every pain, you become more prepared for and more aware of, the everlasting series of battles called ~ LIFE.

Every encounter with pain takes you to a new level of strength and resilience.
The memory of pain related to things, people and decisions you have lived so far, keeps you aware of the consequences of choosing the same path again. Even if you have to take the similar path, the reminiscences of pain will guide you to prepare better.

Pain is the ‘Physical Trainer’ of your soul. Pain cannot keep it easy. Pain teaches by practice not by cramming. Lessons taught by pain can be seen in the eyes, the windows of the soul. If you have been trained enough your eyes will gleam with confidence and they will look constant like the pole star. You will have a stronger, more confident and deeper gaze.

Pain is beautiful, it is majestic, it is empowering. All you have to do is to embrace your pains. Keep them close to your heart. Let your pain guide you, protect you. Let your pain be your armour!


Getting over!

Getting over!

Often people and things slip off from our hands, and we are not left with any other option but to get over it. Getting over is not easy. It can never be! But depending upon the significance, you can choose either of the two ways to overcome the loss and pain ~ ‘Delete or replace’. Insignificant people get deleted as soon as they get out of sight. And those which you cannot delete are the ones who have captured a place in your heart. No delete button can delete them. All you can do is to replace them with a better person, with someone who can make you forget them. This world is full of options. Trust me mourning the loss won’t get you anything, but your courage to take another chance may get you something even better. If you do not find an option create one. But never stop living your life. Help someone/something become what you lost.

Be Pygmalion, create and fall in love! Loving someone/something while creating and moulding it and seeing it become what you dream of, is a love which has the vigour of an artist, joy of a winner!!

Create like an artist, with all your heart, with all your talent, with passion, with desire and LOVE. The masterpiece you’ll create will be your own customized and tailored love. Your dream carved out by your own hands. Those who are masters of their own destiny depend on their soul’s divine flame of faith and strength. Those who are guided by belief never give up, they never fail!