Ease your Soul

Ease your Soul

The First thing which enslaves you is fear. Your fear of people,of  society, of loosing things and security of various types, burdens your soul the most. Obviously, you cannot leave everything – everyone and run into the jungle.If someone’s compliment can make your day then, remember, their sarcasm will hurt you. Stop judging yourself by what people will say about or are saying about you.Believe me, their opinion will change with their needs!

Be the master of your own feelings.Learn not to get affected by what others say or think about you, only then you are free. Be nice, be humble, have good morals, but keep strengthening you self inside-out, every single second. Accept things as they are, but stop fearing them. Stop letting anything or anybody violate your soul. Always take a stand for yourself be polite but never let anyone overstep you. There is a very thin line between being nice and being a people-pleaser.

Treat everyone nicely, but keep watching their response, very often nice people are taken as submissive, meek or stupid people. Value others better never loose your worth. Live for yourself, do not expect too much from yourself – ease out! Do not get Influenced with pretentious showy people, be real ,be strong headed. Most people live a fake, hollow life.

 The moment you will turn yourself inert to all negative things around you, positivity will surround you! Keep your self busy making yourself more and more independent, fearless and insusceptible. Unbosom your soul from the Herculean task of carrying the nee- based, fickle sentiments.




God’s Language!

God’s Language!
I have been intensely concerned with what is going around us. What has happened to all of us. We are all just trying to create a similitude, a monotony!
Have you ever looked around and noticed the diversity?
The immense diversity with which God talks to us, tells us that, look this is my style. Look! this is how I like it. This is how I create!
So many types of flowers, So many types of plants. A million types of animals, multitudes of planets and galaxies.
This diversity in the creation of God or for the ease of my agnostic friends diversity in nature gives us a clear message:
 “This is how this system is planned to be, full of diversity and contrasting choices, the challenge is to accept things and surroundings as they are, and love them.”
you cannot hate a rabbit for its meekness nor should you kill a crocodile for its cruelty. If you love rose for its scent, you should appreciate a marigold for its color.
we are all different, different in skin colour, different in looks, different in gender, different in choices and opinion, but we must seek in others, what we may appreciate.
Nature’s style of creation is worthy of reverence. We should relish the bounty and diversity of nature with gratefulness and humility. Similarity and monotony will make this world a boring place to be!

Stop Being Sad!

Stop Being Sad!

Be brave!
We feel sad only when we have lost our courage to fight further. Don’t do that. Brave people never show their back, they face the challenges with stern eyes. They are the ones who have been the source of all the changes that the word has seen. Loosing hope is just another way of saying that “you have no more strength to fight back”.

Life is never easy for strong headed people. Either yield to it, and roll down to obscurity and failure or keep fighting all the odds to reach to that pinnacle of honour & respect. Big things never come easy. Compromise to loose your self-worth and get dissolved or just never loose your identity. World is up there, to test your mettle, show it what you are made of!!

Stand up once again, if life is a battle field, fight till your last breath!



Letter to my Husband

Letter to my Husband

When I first saw you, I could see that you have a different soul, it was gleaming in your eyes. You looked absolutely different from other men who live in false ego. Your smile I still remember was so sweet yet very promising. You stayed quite but your little gestures told me that you are the one who can make a girl fly and, help her catch her dreams. Your eyes promised me a lot of things, they promise me everlasting love, they promise me freedom, they promise me that the magic will continue to scintillate my world.

Since august 2009, I have been basking in your amazing-ness! You have been making life easy for me everyday in all circumstances. But really I don’t know how much I am able to reciprocate to your love. I keep you the center of my life, I make sure that I keep you happy with all my love, and amused by my silly jokes. I just hope that we both continue to be in love with each other. May our love passes this test of infertility with strength and beauty.

I don’t know how bad it can be. But yes, at times I feel so empty and incomplete, I feel heavy from within. May God shower his mercy on us soon! Please stay by me, when I feel dark inside, please never let this thing affect our love. All I have is your love and trust me its more than enough for me.


Mirror them

Mirror them

Keep your real sweet self reserved for those who love you and value you for it. For rest of the wicked, shrewd and ever so clever, manipulative, dominating liars you can switch into mirror-mirror on the wall mode. No, no its not some very precise step by step crash course.

All you have to do is to reflect back what you observe. Like, if they are quite and staring you from head to toe, just mirror them give them, your cute scanning-glance. Stay quite, if they smile, smile back more lovingly.

For people who are very clever and funny, and are experts of repartee, be cleverly-funny,say, what ever you were longing to say, laughing more loudly and, seeming more sweet.

For manipulative people you must copy their tone and expression, to the extent that, when they ask questions, answers in questions. Like if someone asks you, “did you go there?” say, I was about to ask you the same question, did you go?

For dominating people you must copy their body language. Its very very important to crack them. Observe them like they do. Point out minutest odd things like they do. Be precise, keep noticing everything, like they do!!

Best of Luck!
Tame the world 😀

Way to kitchen is the way to glowing skin!

Way to kitchen is the way to glowing skin!

Lets begin with ever worried sect of people first, ones who have sensitive, oily, acne prone blemished prone skin. Dear people, the only thing you have to grab and stick to from your kitchen is BESAN,i.e, Gram flour or Garbanzo bean flour or Chickpea flour. I mean stick to it religiously!(PULL your hair away from face before you start).

You can use Gram flour or Garbanzo bean flour or Chickpea flour with some turmeric powder and water(only) if your have very sensitive skin.Wash your face every 6 hours with this extremely mild, natural,yet deep-cleansing paste.Apply the paste ( thick and only 1 teaspoon full in quantity)on your face, massage gently for about 2 minutes,then wash off with cold water.

When you skins improves a bit you can level up by adding some drops of lemon juice. it will help you get rid of blemishes, black heads, white heads, reoccurring acne, tanned skin and what not!

In case you are interested in oil cleaning, “CASTOR oil” is your biggest rescuer, for very oily skin you should mix equal amount of castor oil and olive oil(I would recommend olive oil over any other oil as it did wonders for me)and remember like dissolves like, so this mixture will dissolve all hardened oil and grime in your pores and as castor oil is naturally astringent in nature is it amazing for sensitive, acne prone,oily and blemished skin.

For cleansing with oil mixture you have to pour a quarter size amount of oil blend into your hand and massage into your skin on your face(you don’t need to wet your skin first). Gently massage using smooth circular strokes for about 2 minutes or until the oil saturates your skin.This is an effective way for removing makeup too.You can leave it on your skin for up-to 10 minutes to really deep clean pores.

The Second most wretched souls are the ones, combating dry-flaky-irritated-parched skin. Befriend your skin with “OLIVE OIL” add some HONEY to make it sweeter.
Yes you got it right. Mix equal amount of Olive oil and Honey apply on your skin on your neck and face, you can use it all over your body. Massage and leave it on for at least 10 minutes. Wash off with cold water. Trust me in few weeks you’ll fall in love with the formula.Stick to it don’t get tempted to use other products along with it.

People Blessed with normal skin type can stick to milk. Take cold(not very cold) FULL-CREAM(not skimmed) milk apply it on your face and neck with cotton let it sit for some 5 to 10 minutes and then wash off with plain water.That’s all, milk has lactic acid to clean your skin, and it can keep you moisturized all day.

Black & white heads : are the most embracing things on the planet to live with!
Baking soda can be a lifesaver. I know its unbelievable but yes, it is a saviour!
Make a thick paste of baking soda with water only(do not use lemon juice, it will irritate your skin)apply on affected areas like, nose & chin. Let the paste sit for some 5 to 10 minutes then gently massage to scrub off with cold water. Do it twice a week.

We all want to have Rosy Pink Lips, but sometimes harsh cosmetics ruin them.And even if you are born with dark lips, saffron strands (the original ones!!)can help you achieve what you want. Soak saffron strands in milk (take enough strands and soak in one tea spoon milk) for not less than 6 hours and then apply this beautiful orange elixir on your lips at night. Leave it over night. Do it everyday until you wake up to your wish.

Thing to remember:
1. Use best quality of all ingredients. Check expiry dates and all.after all its about your skin.
2. Maintain a healthy life style, change you bed sheets & pillow covers more often.Keep your self hydrated all the time and be physically active. Have good sleeping habits. Quit smoking, drinking alcohol etc.

Marriage is not all roses!!

Marriage is not all roses!!

Once you are in it, give it your full shot!!
Give in your hundred percent. When I said 100% that did not mean only of love, yes apart from your heart you have been blessed with brain and body too.

There are two major situations:

First, when he is distracted:
Look, take marriage as a task, like any other thing we pick in life and we try our level best to make it a success. Men get distracted easily, money, male friends, work, other women,the list can go on any thing and everything can distract them from you. But the way out is only one, be most attractive thing in his life, be a source of happiness, pleasure and luxury in his life. Make sure when he comes to you he gets more than he can ever think. Smell good, look good, cook good, talk and behave elegant.Everything in life needs hard work, so do relationships!

Second, when you seem to loose interest in him:
Hard to except but most of the times when we complain about him we don’t consider our lack of interest in him. Like anything in life you have to shape your husband and customize him according to your likes. Help him look awesome to you! Tell him the perfume you like most. Make him do things that can make you happier.But understand his limitation too (like do not end up asking overly expensive stuff that he cannot afford). If you want him to be romantic and loving tell him the ways you like it, do not expect him to be a telepath!